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The best app to track hours for payroll and billing. Period.

SYNCrew works with the computers and smartphones you already own. Your crew uses the SYNCrew app in the field and everything they do is immediately available for you to see in your SYNCrew portal. Hours worked by site, last reported GPS location, pictures of what they see, and more are all at your fingertips!

Time, Money, and Trust! Let us show you how we build all three!

How It Works

SYNCrew starts with a quick and easy deployment. We set up your portal and onboard your crew via text messages. Our app is so easy to understand that there is no training required for most users! If they have questions, we are here to answer them.

Your Crew uses the App

Just a few clicks when they arrive at and leave from a jobsite is all it takes.

Photos & GPS tell the truth

The app takes a photo with GPS to verify your crew’s presence so there are no questions later.

We process, so you can work

SYNCrew processes the data so you can focus on what makes you money, not the back office.

We are here for you

Support is always free so just give us a call anytime for any reason.


Unique benefits of SYNCrew

SYNCrew’s Patent Pending system is more then just the best app to track hours for payroll and billing. Below are some of the unique benefits SYNCrew can give to your business.

Why choose us

See your crew’s most recent location on a map. SYNCrew’s Patent Pending system gives you the data you need while protecting your crew’s privacy outside of work hours and limiting your company’s potential legal liability that comes with 24/7 tracking solutions.

No more waiting for the end of the pay period to see how you are doing against the project budget! With SYNCrew, you can see the up-to-the-minute cost at any time. Save money by knowing you are heading over-budget and intervening— before it’s too late.

With SYNCrew, your crew enters their time data as they work throughout the day so as soon as everybody has clocked out, all the data you need to process payroll is ready for export immediately. Overtime is automatically calculated by the system.

Our data export is in a standard form that works with all leading accounting and payroll products.

SYNCrew becomes your eyes everywhere your crew is by giving you a real-time view. As your crew takes photos with the app, they stream to your SYNCrew Portal. Many photos are useful or interesting, but they can also be funny or boring – just like being on site!

These photos can also be shared easily via email with other employees, partners, or even the client.

After your crew works the number of hours in your standard shift, a SYNCrew Alert can be configured to let them know they are approaching overtime and that they should check with their supervisor before continuing work.

SYNCrew Alerts can be set up to remind your crew to take their meal breaks. Depending on your location, you may have a legal oblication to make your crew take these breaks and SYNCrew gives you one more tool to help!

SYNCrew allows you to link accounts and share specific projects with other companies. When a subcontractor shares a project with you, you will see all the data you are used to for their crew when they are at your project.

Alternatively, if you are a subcontractor, allow your partner company to see the work your team is doing. This makes work smoother and eliminates potential confusion which can cost you both time and money!

With SYNCrew, you can go back in time with a quick search. The photos are automatically tagged when the worker uses the App so it's easy to access all pictures organized by Project, Worker, Skill, Work Order, or even the text of a note taken at the time!

As an example: You might want to know what your plumber saw behind the walls at the job you did last year at 321 Main St? With SYNCrew, you can in no time!

When your crew starts and ends work at a given site, they take a photo with GPS. SYNCrew’s data export shows the hours worked by customer, worker, and type of work so you can easily determine how much to bill.

SYNCrew Verification allows you to assure your clients that the hours billed are accurate. SYNCrew will even certify the location and hours upon request!

You've read this far! See a demo and give us a chance to show you what we're made of!

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