Regardless of your company's size or needs, SYNCrew has a plan to give you the features you need without paying for what you don't.





Fast and easy timecards with GPS, photo clock-ins, scheduling and daily COVID forms

$6 /month (per worker)


Affordable field service management with everything unlimited

$25 /month (per worker)

Storage & Support

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Photo & video storage
Photos and videos are easily filtered and viewed on SYNCrew.
90 days Unlimited Unlimited
Timesheet & project data
Employee, project and timecard data are always stored as long as you remain a client.
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited help with technical issues and questions.
Email only Text and email Text, email and phone
Dedicated account manager
Account managers help set up and optimize SYNCrew for each client.
First 30 days for all clients. Always for companies with over 100 workers. Yes Yes


Mobile app for worker's phone
iOS or Android app for workers to use to clock in and out anywhere they go. It even works when they don't have cell coverage.
Kiosk app for multiple worker access
For workers who don't have phones or work in a single location, this app let's them all clock-in with a single tablet. Selfie photos can be required to prevent buddy punches.
Review time
View and edit time for your team in just a few minutes each week. Quickly view the supporting information like GPS and photos, fix any mistakes, and approve right on the same, easy-to-use screen.
Print traditional one-page timesheets for employees to sign or just for the office to have hard-copy backup. Additional pages with supporting details can be added if desired.
Photo clock-in
With SYNCrew's patent-pending photo clock-in, you can make it so the app requires a photo of the employee or location before they can punch-in or out, virtually eliminating fraud.
Set a schedule for your crew so they can easily see where they are working and get directions with a single click.
Daily COVID certification
Enter your local requirements for each employee to certify their health each time they start a new shift.
GPS breadcrumb tracking
All work in SYNCrew has a GPS ping at the start and end of the day. Upon request, we can enable a GPS ping every few minutes to see the day's detailed movements.
Restricted office users
Control who can edit times, who can view which projects, and many other limitations so each person has the information they need and is not distracted by the rest.
Basic reporting
Everything you need is included here. See who worked where and when, with all their notes.
Advanced reporting
Additional reports unlock further insights into key drivers of profitability for those owners and managers who want to optimize their operations.
Custom forms let you collect any information you want. You can require a form at clock in or clock out to make SYNCrew match your data needs 100%.
3 form types Unlimited
Profit preview
View your labor cost ANY TIME vs. your estimate to be sure you are never surprised by cost over-runs on one of your highest expenses - labor!
Automatic email photo alerts
Keep up with your team from your email. Event-based triggers let you receive email notifications with the photos and notes immediately. For example, you can set up a rule to get a photograph anytime one of your employees clocks into 123 Main Street.
10 rules per company Unlimited
Schedule employees to conduct detailed inspections with required photos and notes of condition. Often used for residential real estate rentals, but it can be used for anything that needs routine inspecting.
$5 per worker extra Unlimited
Work orders
Allows more details about the work to be performed than standard scheduling. Assign it to a person with scheduling or leave it open so the next employee on site can be alerted.
$5 per worker extra Unlimited

Data Integrations

Sync hours to QuickBooks Desktop or Online.
API Access
API access for clients with custom software solutions.

Note: If no plan suits your needs, please contact us and we can create something that will work for you!

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